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Biker - August 2002
Hybrid Indian - Hey, ain't that just a forty-five?
By Devah

Yeah, a 45 is just a 45-even in the Indian world, but not so in this case. Wymond could have built himself another chopper or restored yet another bike, but this time he thought, "How 'bout a little of each?"

An Indian Chief motor gave up it's heart in the form of a set of flywheels. With the addition of a special set of stroker pistons to clear the new wheels, the Scout motor was essentially transformed into a Brave. To breathe even more life into the now 57-inch motor, a special set of flat tracker cams, backed up by lightened lifters, were installed. The intake and exhaust ports were opened up for flow and a larger modified Linkert now mixes fuel. An original coffee-can air cleaner was used to allow airflow to move freely inward. A rare set of factory racing straight pipes were then installed to complete the package. Shifting is handled via jockey shift through a 3-speed transmission.

To put the newfound power to the ground some of the clutch components were robbed, along with the taller gearing, from the same unfortunate Chief that donated it's flywheels. This was needed in order to make some dust devil runs between watering holes.

For the long haul, some good forks and brakes were needed. Looking around the shop there was a mint '55 K-model fork assembly - perfect time piece - telescopic forks, good brakes and for even better control, a set of flat tracker handlebars were used.

In true bobber fashion, Walkem then chopped the rear fender, as he did with all of the non-essential parts. Like riding bareback, a solo seat was chosen - no squaws on back when out doing hard ridin'. As with the first choppers, chrome was not a big issue. It was to be a light bike, a fast bike, one with attitude, so a basic black chassis was the way to go highlighted only by the silver tank adorned with a Vargas-style paint scheme. The '40s-looking lady on the tanks took a while to find - as do most good women.

Now, to go out and look for a few scalps…

- Devah

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